Thursday, September 09, 2004

Tomorrow is training on the GroupWise email. It should be an interesting week trying to get that program launched throughout the district. Just hoping it goes smoothly.
We will be working in the glass studio this weekend. Saturday after 2:00 and Sunday after 2:00 as well. Drop by if you get the chance and pick what colors you would like on your next piece. Gearing up for an art show at 50 Penn Place this Friday at 6:30, great snacks and a bunch of artists. There is also an art show at Spring Creek on September 25. It is a one day event but could be great fun. Dates for the December Home Show will be posted soon.
All is well. Keep the peace.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I was sitting this morning and thinking and looked over and saw my Tibetian Prayer Wheel. I see it every morning. I picked it up today and began to spin. " hail the jewel in the lotus." Spinning this takes some concentration, practice. You really can not think of anything else when spinning the wheel. Everything slows down just a bit.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Great weekend in glass. We made some great improvement on skill this weekend. Trying to figure out ways to open the tops of vases. I got the shape down pretty well. just need to figure out the neck and the lip. It is coming along. progress not perfection.
More to come.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

What is wrong with this town? I have a good cup of coffee and a nice pastry type thing to chow on. There is not one independent (family owned) shoppe in town to fit the bill. or is there? Where do you go for your goodies?
Granted the Java Joint down on Donald just south of 39th in Bethany has a good cup, but the last cookie I had was a little dry. It is a trip to get here.
Coffee Dan's is the best cup of coffee in town but no desserts. Down on Main Street in OKC. Another trip.
There was a coffee joint on May and 122 but they moved to 39th too.
Way down on Western and SW 86th there is a great place. Only been there once but it was very nice.
Old Judge Coffee was down there too and they went out of business.
Cairo Coffee down in Peseo went out.
I keep hearing about a place in Midwest City but have not found it yet. Speaking of Midwest City there is a great place called the Korean House. Great food.
Of course Panera and Starbucks are creaping in all around town and taking over. Not independent places.
There is the Full Circle Bookstore. They do have a nice selection of desserts and what not as well as a decent cup.
Oh yes. Reminded me of Classen. The Red Cup. Great Peanut Butter/honey/banana sandwich. Good cup of joe and nice atmosphere. Their hours were strange for a while but I do not know now. It ihas been a while since our last visit.
Also on Classen is the Deli on the Labaranth. It is great sandwiches. They have great Tea and French Press coffees. A grand variety of different makes to choose from.
There is Will's on Western. They have Boyd's coffee. They are Wireless!
There is the new Java Dave's opening in downtown Edmond. Not a good place to drive these days.
There is Full Cup in Edmond but never open when I drive by.
making me think drive by the *$'s on Second by the University and there are people sitting outside, parking lot full at 10:30 at night. How can this be? Why are no other coffee shoppes open to serve the public at this crucrial time?
So what is the problem?