Saturday, October 02, 2004

This is the Bodum Santos Vac Pot. The water is below and the coffee grind is at the top. The pressure caused the water to go into the upper chamber via a tube. The water brews with the grind, I like about two minutes. Pull it off the heat and the coffee flows into the bottom chamber. Thims makes a great cup of joe.  Posted by Hello
Saturday. Just put on a pot of coffee to cook up. Yesterday I had several good cups. I even got the most sacred of coffee here in Okie City at Coffee Dan's. Over at BCCY Jim was talking about the GodShot or the GodCup. Coffee Dan's does much to fit that bill. Last night we ate at the Garden on Second and Santa Fe in Edmond. Friday Buffett. Really very good Mediterean food stuff.
I plan on blowing glass this weekend. Saturday after 2 and Sunday after 2 again. Making good stuff me hopes. The studio is just east of Lake Arcadia. Four miles east of I-35 to Post Road. 1.7 miles south on Post to 2801. Big red stone house. The studio is out back in the barn.
See you here.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Here is a pumpkin we have been blowing. These are great fun to make. I think we figured out a good way to make them. Drop by the studio if you would like one. Soon we will have some at the Purple Loft Gallery down on May, just south of Hefner. I will also be putting some in the 50 Penn Place Gallery.  Posted by Hello

prAna - Born From The Experience

prAna - Born From The Experience These are some very nice clothes. I really like this brand. The styles are nice and fabrics just right. I am a big guy tho and nothing they make fits me. The XL is more like a medium. These clothes are made with the in shape rock climbing yoga guru, not the belly of the buddha types. Still check them out if you can. Backwoods down on May just north of 122nd has some of these clothes, much more selection for the girls.
May peace prevail on earth.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

We had dinner tonight with Christopher Curtis. There are a few perks to having stake in a resturant (no pun intended). Very nice supper.
I ordered 2.2 lbs. of El Rey chocolate. It is most excellent. You must drop by sometime and have a nibble. Rich full bodied. Not to bitter for 70% cocao content. It is the San Joaquin Private Reserve. This is a highly recommended choice in chocolate. Me thinks you will try it and will not be able to not order yourself some. Treat yourself. Few vices. This one is worth it.

Author visit today from Christopher Paul Curtis. It was great. He is perhaps the best speaker I have seen in a while. Humor, relation, and style. It was most enjoyable. If I were a reader I think I would try to read one of his books.
Our Spam blocker is blocking out messages that we need sometimes. It is crazy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Catholic Ragemonkey

Catholic Ragemonkey: "coffee"
Searching today at the new Google Local I came across a linkage to this site. I did not realize that Guymon would have intellictually stimulating folks. I always picture the panhandle as a desolate place. Granted I enjoy the drive through that part of the country on the way to Colorado. I really enjoyed it this summer with the coolness still in the air and green grass on the Llano.
Anyway I was searching Coffee Shops in Oklahoma City. There are links out to referrers. I am wondering why my Oklahoma City Coffee Connection did not make the list of referrers. Well it could be it is a lousy site and is not kept up and nobody visits anyway...
Be well

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ever have something in mind. Something that just sounds right. and then without any real disturbance in the force that thing does not manifest. I had breakfast in mind. What I wanted. The taste of the coffee. The scent of the french toast. the mingling of chicken sausage with the sounds all around. Alas. it did not happen. Now I am sad.

Working in the studio around 2:00 today. It looks to be a beautiful day. Looking forward to creating and making some glass. Drop by if you get the chance.