Friday, October 22, 2004

Looks a bit out of focus. This is our AV system. Listening to Tom Waits right now on channel 820.  Posted by Hello

Some cool Artwork. On the left is a litho by Jerry Garcia. On the right is a great church by Jim Keefer, a local artist of note.  Posted by Hello

I collect old maps of Oklahoma/Indian Territory. This is a 1887. It is in really good shape.  Posted by Hello
It is Friday. I was in a car accident on Tuesday evening. A fellow ran a red light and hit my car on the drivers side. I have been in bed for a couple of days. The CAT scan showed no damage. I do not remember about thirty minutes or so. Great way to spend Fall Break eh. My head hurts a bit and my shoulder too. No worries.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

We have VOIP phones in our rooms now. How very exciting. Email me if you would like my new number. Even if I did post it here no body would call because nobody except the few coolest people in the world come here to read about my day.
Did you download the new Google Desktop Search yet? I think it slowed down my machine a lot. That or these new phones.
Should be working in the studio this weekend. Drop by if you are out and about and enjoying Fall Break. The rest will be nice.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I am learning a bit on HTML. It has been fun. Try the Friday Foto Fun. I picked several topics. Three of the five so you have some latitude. If you have suggestions for topics let me know. Point and shoot people. Let me know if this is stupid and I need to give it up.