Friday, November 05, 2004

Granted the list is from last Friday but I did not get any photos taken. This morning I snapped a few. We need to take up a pool to get the icey one a digital camera. Think of all the fun she would have.

I could not find anything borrowed or anything much old but this was the first poster I bought for my classroom and it is an old show.  Posted by Hello

Something New. Our new VOIP phones in every room. 6868. Posted by Hello

Something Blue, It is also new. but. An oil lamp we have been working on. Get yours now for a gift to a loved one on the upcoming holidays... Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I looked at the Toyota Tacoma last night. I am thinking this may be the new vechile to get. I need to go clean out the Insight. It is over at Dorsey's I am sure he would like for it to get moved. I will have to take him a nice glass piece for the office. Dorsey is perhaps the best body shop man in town.
Love and Tolerance is our code.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote, is it our true patriotic duty? In Oklahoma it does not even matter if your vote for the president as the electorical college has already been selected. We do need reform.
A. Give us a federal holiday for the day. Everyone deserves the day off to vote.
B. The Electorial College should be decided by percent. It should not be winner take all as it negates the voting of nearly up to half the people. In a country where they say our vote counts it really does not.
C. Coffee and doughnuts. We vote, we deserve some Krispy Kremes for our troubles.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Well, it appears they are going to total out my car. I do not know how much it is worth but thus far over $7,000 in damage. Any recommendations on a new one? I have looked at the Subaru Baja. That little Insight was a great vehicle. I really liked it. I do need something a little more praticle for the glass studio and the cabin. The milage was great in the Insight tho. I was doing my duty for the good of the air and the nation. Alas.

I am trying out the Blog Rolling. It is an automatic link feature. I would like it over on the right sibe but have not figured that out yet.
Sorry for the lack of photos. I will try to get that done today.