Thursday, February 10, 2005

Perfect Harmony Cafe Update - Went by on Wednesday after school (completely forgetting about my Chiropractor appointment). They are not open but they are open. Serving a really nice double latte. Girl pulled a really nice shot with good crema. smooth, hot, subtle flavor with no bitterness even at the end. Nice place too. Couches, big screen TV, Wi-Fi, I may have to start carring around my laptop on days I am not out at the studios blowing glass. Coffee aftershool anytime my friends. The PHC is planning on a "soft" opening on Monday being open from 10 to 10 and then the next week or so having a grand opening and serving from 6 to midnight. Big plans there too with music and open mic nights and what not. No webpage yet but they said it is coming.
Blowing tonight. drop by the studio if you are looking for something to do.

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