Friday, February 04, 2005

Review of the Korean House Resturant. Good stuff. We had bigogi and Gal Bi. I like the Gal Bi as they are short ribs. All of the good stuff comes out to eat with the meal as well. I really like the bean sprouts and kim chee. Highly recommed.
The Perfect Harmony Cafe has still not opened its doors. I went by on Thursday and the promise of being open was not true. Waiting for a permit or something from the city of Edmond. Maybe soon. They said Monday. At first blush it looks to be an interesting place.
I went by the place on 23rd that has hotel and resturant liquidations. That place is very cool. If you need anything go there first. They probably have it. I will try to get a photo up of the filing cabniet I purchased.
I guess that is it. Have a great weekend everybody.

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