Friday, February 11, 2005

Bad Sweater 2005

Bad Sweater 2005The Saga of the Bad Sweater continues.

The Blue Sage Studios website screenshot. I need to figure out how to center the site on the page instead of the the left.  Posted by Hello

Putting the Gee back into GPS. This is really great fun.  Posted by Hello

our mailbox early in the morning. Posted by Hello
This just in:
The Edmond Neighborhood Alliance will hold its annual Summit Meeting Saturday February 26th at Mitch Park from 8am-Noon. The meeting will be in the New Muli-purpose Activity Center(MAC).
Saundra Naifeh, Mayor: Larry Stevens, City Mgr: Janet Yowell, Edmond Economic Development will keynote the summit with reports and updates concerning the state of the City of Edmond.
Seminars and break-out sessions will cover the many aspects of the vital elements of Home Owner Associations. Plan to attend and learn. The City of Edmond will have numerous booths for your conveince. The Fire Dept., Police, Water Dept., Edmond Electric, and The Parks Dept. will all be available for your inquiries.
Don't miss this chance to learn and to meet new people with shared concerns about our neighborhoods.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Perfect Harmony Cafe Update - Went by on Wednesday after school (completely forgetting about my Chiropractor appointment). They are not open but they are open. Serving a really nice double latte. Girl pulled a really nice shot with good crema. smooth, hot, subtle flavor with no bitterness even at the end. Nice place too. Couches, big screen TV, Wi-Fi, I may have to start carring around my laptop on days I am not out at the studios blowing glass. Coffee aftershool anytime my friends. The PHC is planning on a "soft" opening on Monday being open from 10 to 10 and then the next week or so having a grand opening and serving from 6 to midnight. Big plans there too with music and open mic nights and what not. No webpage yet but they said it is coming.
Blowing tonight. drop by the studio if you are looking for something to do.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Date night. I am not sure where we are going this evening. Backwoods is a good destination.
Perfect Harmony Cafe Update - Went by yesterday. They said they may be open today (Wednesday). I will drop by there after school. I hope the coffee is as good as I have built it up in my mind to be. Of course having the people trained in good barista skills is difficult too. I would like to have a Meet Up for coffee once the place gets going. There is no body signed up with Meet Up! for the OKC coffee.
Be good.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

TypePad: Hosted Weblog Service

TypePad: Hosted Weblog ServiceHave you considered going with another blog company? I have been looking around. Blogger seems to be about the best deal around, being that it is free. Movable Type looks interesting too. I think being a little more free with templates and what is possible would be an advantage but it is also something new to learn and implement. I could also see that if more people came to visit my blog it could be helpful too.
New Friday Foto Fun with the Ice Chick in mind.

Monday, February 07, 2005

I stil have not figured out my inability to return a phone call. I know I should. I have intent. and yet I do not follow through. I am not sure where the fear is coming from. What is it that is holding me back. Stuck in this rut that feels so bad. I know once I do make that change, return a call and communicate everything is okay. Getting there has been a struggle.
Maybe instead of giving up something for lent I can take action toward something instead.