Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hey now,
I am packing and getting ready to my trip. It shold be a good one. I got some new boots for the journey. Always a good thing.
All is well.
I have been trying to get caught up on everything. Here is my pattern. I know this and I still struggle with it. I wait. I have things to do. I know they need to be done. I wait. Deadlines pass but I figure I can let it slide. Then I come to a deadline of doing or not doing. They need to be done. I have no choice but to do them or not. No longer can let it slide. Do the thing takes really very little effort or time. It is in the doing I lack.
I think this post is similar to one from about six months ago. Continue to repeat the same thing. Knowing today the results will be similar. Talk about your crazy defects of character.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I will be heading out of town for a few days. I hope everyone is well and has a wonderful summer break.