Friday, September 23, 2005

Welcome to Graeter'

I have ordered some ice cream. It will be here October 27th.
You all need to drop by for a scoop.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I was out and about yesterday and ran into the Dirty Water Coffee Company guy. He caters coffee. I really do wish I had a good coffee shop close by. Still the best cup in town is from Barbara over at Coffee Dan's on Main in OKC. Fresh roasted and mighty tastey and cheap at half the price.
Fortune over at BCCY has noted that $*'s is not really in the coffee selling business. They make milkshakes. I finally understand the appeal. I love a good milkshake. Add a bit of coffee to a milkshake and I like it all the more. Add some chocolate and whipped cream and I will put four dollars down on the counter with neary a thought.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Difference

It is interesting that the way I view this blog at home and at work are completely different. The filters we are using block content. It is like seeing the blog just halfway. Strange things indeed. Thanks for reading and keeping up with my life. It really is a pleasure to communicate with others across the void of binary space.

Bella Forte Glass Studio

Bella Forte Glass Studio If you have not checked out Bella Forte you need to drop by the blog and take a look. My buddy Chris is a pizza man by trade and just opened up a glass studio at his house. Chris makes the best pizza in Yukon and maybe on this side of the Mississippi at Italian Jim's on Mustang Road and Reno. I highly suggest his nachos. Anyhow I digress as his glass is certainly on its way to becoming a site to behold like his Pepperoni Delux Pizza.


Okay. I made the leap I changed my template. I think I have some items back correctly. I think it will be a good template. I wish it was variable width instead of fixed. They need to tell us these things on the blogger template chooser. I copied and pasted the old template to Dreamweaver and then got my new one. I copied and pasted the old items over. One problem. My old template did not support titles so I never put them in. The new one is putting my old posts to the side with text from the first line instead of a title. I suppose I could go back and add titles to all my posts. What great fun that would be...

12 X 12

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s Annual 12x12 Art Sale and Exhibition
is this Saturday, September 24! Follow the link below to purchase tickets and preview the art.
Venue is the Sonic Building on the Bricktown Canal, 300 Johnny Bench Drive.

Tickets are $24 in advance and $30 at the door.

This exhibition features more than 120 Oklahoma artists who create works no larger than 12x12 inches. Painting, sculpture, ceramics,
photography, glass, graphite, mixed media and more make this exhibit perfect for every art lover.

Funds generated by the show go back to Oklahoma artists through grants, awards, workshops, exhibitions, publications and more!

Monday, September 19, 2005

The Studio

Well if you have not come out to Blue Sage Studios as of late you need to drop by. Things are changing in the studio. We have remodeled a lot. With a new building. Redoing the working floor. We added a torch room so as we can offer bead making and flameworking classes. If you are interested in making beads drop us a line. Anyway it is so cool.
I can not find the good Mud Pie Ice Cream made by Starbucks at my Target any longer. I went with Fudge Ripple with chocolate covered almonds. It was a tastey treat over the weekend.