Saturday, November 05, 2005

Jacking a Paperweight

The process of cutting in a line where the paperweight breaks free of the punty is called jacking. Here is a paperweight being jacked by one of our students at Blue Sage. Again the focus is a bit off but almost right on. The biggest reason for the blur is the constant movement of the glass.

Bobby at El Parian

We celebrated the birthday of Angela's friend Bobby at El Parian in Edmond this eveing. 29. It was a tastey meal of Flautas. Their Sopapia's are really a taste treat as they are small little pillows. Angela had the goat platter. It was really quite good. Check out this place when you can.

Breakfast at 501

I had a great omlette at Cafe 501 in Edmond today. Mushroom, Ham, avacado. Delish. The focus on the camera phone needs some tweaking. I am not sure how to improve upon that as of yet.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Brent Blowing

Brent at the Glory Hole in the process of blowing another platter.

POM Platter

Brent blew this platter yesterday. It is amazing. The center looks like it could be the inside of a pomegranate.

The man

The Man in the photo below is actually my principal. It is a great place to work. Hawaiian shirts all around!

Calley's Show

Calley was a guest artist at the Gallery on Britten on Thursday evening. She had some great glass for sale...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Man

The man

Go Blogger

I took this on my new Motorola 330. I then sent it around the web and researched and found the feature. Send in a photo and it posts to the web. Just a couple of settings to change. If I keep doing this I will have to update my phone service to account for the increase in text and images being sent. I think this is very keen and I think the moblog is going to rule the world.
Show us some photos you have taken via your phones and what not...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Four Word Film Review

The Four Word Film Review Interesting site for movies. Some may not be appropriate for childern.

Andy Needs

Okay, I am a bit slow. It took me a while even to figure out to type Andy Needs into the Google search box…

Andy needs no help.
Andy needs to get in more on the opponents serve
Andy will need a little rest
Andy needs to have a serious think
Andy needs to win to keep his chances open for Hawaii
Andy needs to boost his immune system
Andy needs to spend more time with a product
Karl Rove needs to hire him pronto
Andy needs to make changes in his game
Andy needs at the lowest prices
Andy needs someone who is not tentative in handling him
Andy needs to catch up
Andy needs only a couple photographs
Andy needs some help looking around Manhattan for his Mojo
Andy needs a fur coat
Andy will need equipment which will be comfortable in the heat of the desert
Andy still needs basic head protection
Andy needs help
Andy needs to charge more when giving talks
Andy needs an outfit for his big gig tonight
Andy's needs seem simple

Monday, October 31, 2005

Feeling Bad

Well. I go away for a bit due to being blocked and can't get to my puter and I find everyone blogging again. I have missed a lot and I aploligize for not being around more. It is good to get caught up on the adventures and happenings of those around me. Thanks for coming back. I will also try to do better...