Monday, August 28, 2006

Daily mediation for monday

Today's Meditation: On hearing the Teachings, the wise become perfectly purified, like a lake: deep, clear, and still. - Buddha
The world has been blessed with great teachers. Teachers who bring us a message or knowledge or feelings, teachers who give of themselves and what they are. Teachers in need of students to hear, and feel and then in turn pass on that which they are learning. We all know when we hear the truth. the truth may even change, the truth that is today may not be the truth we know tomorrow just as yesterday our truths may now seem small, small may not be the right word for it but distant was not the word either.
Water and the metaphor of water. The lake. for some reason the Lady of the Lake came into mind. The delieverer of the sword of Avalon to Arthur - king of the brittons - Dialogue from Monte Python ensues in my head... The water as a way of being. phases and stages and the seasons of our lives as a lake. Thinking of the lakes of our lives in the past and experiences in and on the shores of those lakes. How does that shape of lives and thoughts for today? Deep, clear and still.
Dead center. When stopped on center there is not really progression. No real change because there is no movement. Even in still ness there is movement. the surface may not show a ripple but the water beneath is moving and flowing and alive. When we hear those truths and take them into our lives and begin to live as people who practice a way of being based on truth and love and peace the reflection we see in the waters is that way as well. Our reflections to others is like that lake. tho movement and change and activity and whatnot that occurs within still generates on the outside a peaceful image. When those emotions and fears and feelings that rise up and are shown on the outside and those fears are expressed it is of great comfort to speak with another and face the fears, to speak of god to release and walk us thru those feelings, to seek cousel of others who have walked where we are walking and getting through. Great comfort is taken in that we are not alone.

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