Friday, August 25, 2006

daily meditation

The true holy person who follows their practice and the words of the Buddha, who applies that teaching to their everyday life, will light up the world with their beauty.
I get the daily meditation from a Buddhist website It is interesting. I know little about Buddhism Right action, right thought, right livelihood, right... it is doing the right thing in all aspects of our lives. reminders producing within us a desire to achieve something more something greater for the whole of the community. When put into practice this way of being does elevate an individual to assist them in their reaction to the world around us. It is really very powerful to stop a negative saying in my mind and replace it with something beautiful. When those thoughts come in that are destructive to my psyche I am learning to turn them off or around. Still I am stuck a lot in the future what ifs... Those are the thoughts that drift in and effect me and make moving forward a difficult task. Needs and wants. Those things I want and desire but some of those things are in fact linked to a destructive force. I have to be willing to sacrifice the immediate desire in order to do the right thing, The glory that will come through that sacrifice has the potential to be much better then ever imagined, or not.
I think of enlightenment some. That time and place of being when an individual is just plugged into the universe and exists in the light. I read somewhere that enlightenment can come and go. That once enlightened someone can then be not again. Every once in a while it is like a glimpse of what is possible occurs and then the reality of the self and the ego comes back in and overshadows the moments. Light and shadows, interesting metaphor for the day. Bask in the light on this fine day. let it shine upon your flesh and absorb the healing nature to your core.

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