Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today's Meditation

Todays Meditation :
Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. - Buddha
You know of endurance perhaps better then others. Pick a point, stay the course. Journey of 1000 miles and the start with a single step. It does no go if we do not take that first step. Ed Foisey would say the end is just around the next bend. Around that bend was another and the end would be just beyond that bend, and the next. Maybe it is the pursuit. the movement the going forward and sliding backward and going forward. it is in the backward movement that we also see where we have been and hopefully become willing to move forward out of that place. That is to say. We are moving forward and then we don't. If we are standing still they say we are really sliding backward. There is nothing wrong with this. If however we slide backward and pick up speed our feet often come out from under us and we spill out and crash and burn. Getting up and truding forward again that road to happy destiny. So yes, that is it again.

Driving along the road in South Dakota the water washes the ground. There is an old road that is washed out, next to it the old center is the left wheel lane, a huge wash out, and then the right wheel lane. Bouncing and speeding and running forward just a simple twist a over compensation and wham the truck hits high center. Dead stop. no movement. No backward, no forward except for the momentum of the thrust of the stop. Dead Center once again. A great place, steady movement forward to the goal and then nothing. The world does not stop just my progress in the world. Always carry the right tools for the job. Two by fours, plywood, shovel, handyman jack, tow line, come-along, dig our way out and over the high center mark. Move forward once again. Slow and steady wins the race and at my current pace of no movement forward for many years I am so far behind I am in the lead.

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