Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Todays Meditation

Today's Meditation:
If there is only empty space, with no suns nor planets in it, then space loses its substantiality. -Buddha
I read this and wondered what was known about space and planets and whatnot at the time of the Buddha. Interesting. But then I thought about the empty spaces inside. Those spaces in the heart and the mind. Spaces left empty thru losses. Those places in our souls which were ripped out and open wounds formed scars around the edges never truly mending. Those spaces are the ones then filled with things of destruction and simple grew or were not allowed to lose their shape and vastness. So then the suns and planets are the things which filled those spaces. Pick a poison, an emotion, an event that substituted out our pain. And then change occurs. We begin to know that in order to grow. In order to heal. In order to become who it is we are to be we had to be released from those suns and planets of our destruction and open those wounds. We had to debris the wounds through talking with others, through introspection, through communion with the nature of the universe. Like washing with sterile waters we pour out the contents of our souls and washed clean those spaces and then begin to close, to knit, and to heal. Those spaces have lost their substantiality once we have removed those blocks of growth.

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