Monday, September 25, 2006

Daily Mediation:

...always try to be sincere and to be introspective. 3. We extend the circle of prayer help one another and try to contribute to the promotion of social purification as well as to peace and welfare.
I trimmed down the mediation today following the take what you like and leave the rest philosophy. Accepting everything as part and parcel as the whole it not always necessary. It is alright to hear something we like and integrate that into our philosophy and not pick up the whole. Granted there are some teachings that belong together as an entire grouping and philosophy and way the taking bits and pieces out of that cosmology is not fair to either the belief system or too ourselves as practishioners of those beliefs.
Pray for peace. Be peace. Change in the world comes first from change within ourselves. Prayer has the ability to transform. It transforms the heart and the soul. Often times we hear that when there is something wrong with the world and a situation that has gotten us upset that there is something also wrong with us. We hear that when someone has disturbed us. When we feel slighted or hurt or angry over another. That is the time we need to make prayers for them. Focus on them and pray for their health and help and that God may become known to that person and the grace fill them completely. And so in our anger and pain we reach outside of ourselves and pray for that from which our pain is cause and thusly we transform ourselves and our suffering to be joyful in another. I think in this way we build, we build ourselves and the positive in our hearts. We transform and purify ourselves. That place inside that has been building with anger and pain must be transmogrified. To maintain and feed that does damage mainly to ourselves but colors all the relationships we have with others. The color of that pain is reflected outward and touches others, touches our interactions and perceptions. Freeing ourselves allows all other relationships to flourish and grow in a loving manner the way chosen for us to live by the will of our creator. Heard yesterday - before I can pray for the health and help and healing of others it is necessary for me personally to be in a state of humility ready to be healed myself.

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