Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Daily Mediation:

Honen Shonin taught people that it was enough to simply recite Nembutsu. He firmly believed that true Buddhism should be able to be practiced easily anywhere and at any time.
Whereas the base of this meditation does not sound inspiring it contains a truth on prayer and mediation. It can and should be practiced everywhere, all of the time. It is too easy for us I think to look at our time with God as separate from the rest of our day and our being. Let us take a moment in the morning to clear our heads and make ourselves known to the universe. Welcome into my life on this day...help me to be of greatest service today...And then a moment at night upon our knees before bed. It is the in between that needs the walk with the spirit. And so we make that contact and the threads that connect us to that being thin and fray, they stretch and pull and at times yes are broken. The thing about that connection with the spirit of the universe is wondrous in that when that connection is severed it is easily reestablished with a simple act. Simple is the action. Difficult is the release of the ego, difficult is the becoming humble, difficult is letting go, difficult is belief. It is time child. It is time.

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