Friday, September 01, 2006

Daily Meditation - Sept. One

And just as men depend upon A boat for traversing the sea, So does the mental body need The matter-body for occurrence. And as the boat depends upon The men for traversing the sea, So does the matter-body need The mental body for occurrence. Depending each upon the other The boat and men go on the sea. And so do mind and matter both Depend the one upon the other. 'Visuddhimagga' (XVIII, 36)
Reading today the Visuddhimagga is the Path of Purity. Straitforward and simple. There is a place we need to get, to achieve. We must take a path to get there. The boat as a vessel. Man inside the vessel on his journey. The body as a vessel and the mind inside. just as man controls to boat, the boat is also controlled by the sea, the waves, the movement, the moon and tides; and so it goes the mind controls the body controlled by lies, faith, knowledge, feelings, and others. That is to say our minds need to be cleansed.
Speaking of cognitive restructuring. The situation leads to a thought, the thought leads to a feeling, with that it is necessary to examine the evidence both supporting or destroying the thought, change can then occur. The evidence. That is the boat is it not? The evidence is outside my head. the physical proof needed to disway the lies. In my head, in my head. The thought is trapped and rolls around and grows and looms and is buried and the seeds were planted. There in my mind the thought does not escape. it is like a tarreium where the plants grow and grow and the soil is fertile and the moisture good, and the dark. Contained. On occasion those thoughts of negativity will effect others but for the most part just effecting me. Well it is not true it does not effect others. My negativity toward myself does in fact reflect me in others and colors the relationship. Switching metaphors does not help. So the mind in the boat of the body. The water has come up over the edge and spilled into the baot. The feet get wet. a coffee can is needed to scoop out the waters. Restructure the thoughts and the feelings and grow once again. That water of long ago has become stagnate. It must be removed and fresh clean water can flow in and take the place to old. Change.

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