Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Daily Meditation

Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you. - Aldous Huxley
That is what it is. We are the sum of our experiences. Walking through life events, situations, adventures, people, places, things, all manner of who we are comes from these encounters; these things are what make up the whole. Little bits of the other transferred into me. So I have all of these things within and what do I do with them. Typically nothing. but then I listen to others. Learn from their experiences? Is everything I am and believe just from experiential learning. That is to say and I wanted to get into this yesterday...
I believe that the relationship with creation is one that must be experienced. Our communion with the universe requires of us action. It is not just thought and prayer and listening to another; it is the active role we must play in order to fulfill our destiny within the whole of being. That is to say without action - faith without works is dead. The whole - if you are going to pray for potatoes you best have a hoe in your hand. Our being requires action. I did take little to no action for a long time. I am ready for action today. Maybe not ready but at least I am willing to do something different and willing to grow and willing to change and willing to accept the things that are necessary for that change. Preparing for the changes that are coming and trying to keep an open mind and heart and spirit to those changes and implement those into life. Implement. That is the application of those experiences into my life. to really apply the belief to my daily being and activity. Possible indeed. ready I am to go forth into the world and become the man I am supposed to be today. Ready to cast aside all the thinking and being that holds me back from the journey the walk to the center.
Thank you all for coming and reading and communing.

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