Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Daily Meditation:

All human activity is behaviour. Through the centuries we have developed codes of conduct, these become laid down by the society, by the culture, in which we live, and by the so-called saints and religious teachers; this code or pattern, this norm of behaviour, becomes traditional and automatic, that is, mechanical. - J. Krishnamurti
I am wondering this aspect is what I have been going thru and the revelation of yesterday. I had become functioning in a mechanical way. Going through the motions. Doing what needed to be done, and yet not taking an active part in the process. I do what I do and do it well. The Creative has been awakened once again within and that has been most pleasurable. I understand about mores and norms in society. That was always of great interest when studying in Dr. Ford's sociology classes. Those things we accept and propagate in society that become that which we live by in code, action, thought, and communication. Our norms and mores and values shift and change and are dynamic. We are not as our parents were just as the youth today are not us.
So deeper we go past the mores and the norms of society to that which drives us as human beings. Are these things learned and dictated by society as well? How much over the time of man have we been dictated to evolve to where it is we are today. How long have we continued on probably not even aware of something else or another way as we have always done this thing we do as people. Maybe over time things have been forgotten and may or may not come back to us as a species. Okay, tradition. You do not step over objects in your path. You do not step over sleeping people. You do not step over a dog. Why? Because you will trip and hurt yourself. Easy. Tradition says that it is bad fortune. You will interpret the dreams and visions of the man asleep by breaking the connection to the infinite. You step over a dog and at that moment he will rise up and trip you and then bite your ankle or tush. We learned long ago ways to avoid getting hurt. We create a folk lore and series of prescriptions we pass along to help perpetuate the beliefs. We lose the why behind and it just continue on unquestioning until it becomes time to question. We learn our lessons (hopefully) and do not necessarily repeat the mistakes. Or we do not learn what it is we needed to and that lesson continues to come back into our lives. It is said we have a series of lessons we must complete in our lifetime. Hopefully today we are learning those instead of just walking through life hardly aware of that which goes on around us and within us.
Thanks for listening.

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