Thursday, September 14, 2006

Daily Meditation:

Let us live gladly! Quite certainly we are free to do it. Perhaps it is our only freedom, but ours it is, and it is only phenomenally a freedom. 'Living free' is being 'as one is'. Can we not do it now? Indeed can we not-do-it? It is not even a 'doing': it is beyond doing and not-doing. It is being as-we-are. This is the only 'practice'. 'All Else is Bondage; Non-Volitional Living' - Wei Wu Wei
This is great. Live gladly. Be happiness. When we live as we are, as who we are we live free. And thus it is imperative to free ourselves from ourselves. Free ourselves from the thinking that makes us sick. Free ourselves from the bondage of self. We must practice being free. It is a natural state but it has become subjugated to the self. The lies and deceit of our minds and our pains block the healthy and the free and the gladness. Breaking free we are allowed to be. Breaking free we are able now to achieve a state of being that relies not upon others, their opinions and actions and needs but to rely upon the relationship we have developed between ourselves and our creator. Once we know the freedom of who we are and living an authentic life is it possible to live any other way? Why would we choose to live in that bondage again. Many reasons I suppose. Let us remember today that we do not need to. We have no reason or desire or want to go back to that place. truly it is live free or die. Not just free as men and women, free as Americans, free as citizens but free within. Free of that bondage of self. Free to create a future for ourselves as anything we please. Free to create a present for ourselves that is indeed a gift. Live life as a gift to yourself, your family, your friends and the world.
When we live gladly everything else melts away? When I think about it there is nothing that effects it otherwise. We choose how we want to live. We choose how we feel. It is not right for us not to feel anger, pain, hurt, sadness, confusion...these things we must feel and walk through. Getting stuck in anger is dangerous. Getting stuck in anything is not healthy because we are stuck, being stuck there is no movement.
Well, that is about it for now. I am tired.

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