Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Daily Meditation:

Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. - Buddha
My friend Bill Trey one evening, picked up a hot coal from a fire. He held for a long while. He did not get burned. He had a kind of faith that said he would not get burned. It was amazing to watch that happen.
The anger we keep within does not harm anyone else. Yes, it colors our thoughts and actions. it blocks us from love, it changes our outlook and anger changes the way we are with others. That anger is dangerous. Yoda always says... "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." It is time to let go of that anger. It is time to set down the coals we carry in our hearts. It is time to heal the wounds the anger has caused our souls and our bodies. We carry that anger and it is burning us. We do not even feel the burn any longer. It has been with us so long we carried with passion, with justification, with pride even. The coals of our anger have burned us yes, but they are also given us warmth and comfort. The anger gives us a reason and a direction for our fears to be expressed. Without our anger we have fear again. without anger our hate does not manifest. without suffering we are free again to live in light and love.
We can carry our anger around for ever. We can hold onto those fears. We can nurture the coals and keep the glowing and alive and ready to spark a wildfire in a moment. We know those feelings, those thoughts, those actions. They are comfortable and necessary. That which we know. In freeing ourselves of the anger, in letting the coals burn out we are left with unknown. We fear the unknown. What possibly can come into our lives to replace the fear and anger? What can we let into our hearts to douse the coals of anger. Love. Peace. A relationship with the creator. We have these things. Love and Peace, tolerance, a direct connection to the spirit of the universe. And yet these must share and fight for a place within against our anger. the heat burns also our love. The heat keeps at bay peace. the heat burns the ties to the creator.
That place inside where the anger is kept is needing to be healed. I wish I could say how to do it. I wish I could give directions. I wish also I could let go of my own angers and be free of those burning coals. Little by little they are extinguished. Little by little the anger is lifted and replaced with acceptance and love and compassion and tolerance. How? Prayer. Taking care of the self. walking. talking (sharing) with others. guiding principals. I know that anger needs to be released. Those burned places need to be cleansed and prepared so that healing can take place. It is time. Regardless. It is time.

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