Thursday, September 21, 2006

Daily Meditation:

In this life, you will achieve benefit from any Buddhist practices you choose. Jodo Shu practice can bring rebirth in the Pure Land and enlightenment, and is easy for anyone to follow.
In reading a bit on Jodo Shu Buddhism I think the basis is to do it. It does not really matter what you choose to do to form and nurture a connection with the infinite just as long as you build, maintain and use the relationship with the divine. The theory being if you pray. if you praise. if you lift up your voice, the external the internal you will be heard and comfort will be gained. The peace you find within as a result of the relationship with creation will spread throughout your life and the light and love with which you live will shine for all to see.
Wake, pray. walk, pray. eat, pray. action, pray. inaction, pray. in all that we are, in all that we do, pray. I use the word pray because it is understood. It is more then what it is however. Prayer needs to become more. It needs to evolve out of a rigid up and down on the knees distant understanding of communication with god. Prayer needs to become the personal connection with creation. Prayer needs to become our communion with the spirit of the universe. Something we keep and hold deep within us on a personal and peaceful level. Okay so the fear I find this morning is not based in anything except for my lack of faith. No not even that. I have faith. I forget that sometimes. TO easy to turn to the self and inside of my head instead of to the inside residence of the creator. The dwelling place of the divine within my heart is a grand palace most of the time. On occasion I relegate the position of the divine to a tar paper shack on the outskirts of my memory.

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