Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Daily Meditation:

This is the way of peace: "Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love." - Peace Pilgrim
Love, truth, good...peace. Overcome. Overcome. Walk in the way of peace. with each step forward into the world know the peace that comes from being in contact. Establish that contact often. Take no action without forming that contact. Bring forth your relationship with the spirit in everything you do. That being established, being felt, and being seen, go out. Go out into the world and walk in peace. How? Start with the above. Do good, praise good, foster good in yourself and others. Plant seeds of goodness wherever it is you go. Evil is easy. It is fast and sly. Evil is not known as evil until late. Evil cloaked in good. See through the veils that hid the underneath. See through deception. See through fear and anger, find the root. Evil is a harsh word. the evil in our hearts can be as small as self loathing. The evil in our minds as easy as self deception. The evil in our bodies in not taking care of ourselves. Evil creeps. To call it evil is painful but as you say truth hurts.
Knowing truth we overcome the lies. Telling ourselves lies and half truths. Contradictions. The things I thought two weeks ago are not the same as I think today. Taking care of myself two months ago and the protections and walls that were build can be taken down today. Truth is both changing and immutable. The truth that stands universal and the truth that we know for a moment. The river is the river and yet the river is a different river each time we step into it. Wants and needs balanced with truth and love.
Love overcomes all. Love of man, love of self, love of the spirit. There is no room anymore for hate. There is not room any more for anger. The pain and the anger must be cast aside once again. We have to clean out our hearts and minds and places inside where we keep our hate and associated feelings and thoughts. With nurturing love we will open up to the whole of ourselves once again to the possibilities.

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