Monday, October 30, 2006

Daily Meditation for Monday:

Many thanks to family and friends who expressed and thought about that day. It was most pleasant. Thank you each and everyone.

Daily Meditation for Monday:
The online meditation was once again lacking...
Thinking today again of the varnish on our souls and psyches. Thinking of releasing the baggage, of not even picking up new baggage on our journeys. letting go. I like the varnish analogy. The idea of carrying baggage works. It is a seeable thing. It makes itself known on many levels. The idea of the varnish for me is more integrated. It is a covering. it is an application. it has substance. Where as our baggage is not really a part of us, the varnish that we have applied over time is a part of who we are.
Why do we get baggage as a graduation present? That is really a strange thing to give is it not? Why add to the baggage of the individual and say it is a gift when it is really a burden.
On coffee...
Coffee has come to mean more then coffee. It is a time to gather with friends and family. To sit and talk and share. Morning coffee is the crystallization of the dream of the day. All the things that are to be come together at coffee in the morning. Dictating the desires for the day. By mid afternoon the coffee is in and of itself a consuming. A french press full of black goodness. Throughout the evening blowing glass and drinking in the warmth and glow. Like the creative juices flowing forth. Wrap up the day once again at the coffee shop when possible. The best way to end the day would be a Cafe Con Panna. An all night coffee joint is in good order.
Thinking about people getting older. The friends of my folks are aging too. They are watching friends and relatives reach the end of their time on this earth. Mortality is creeping up. It must be a terrifying prospect.

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Anonymous said...

Mortality is indeed very scary. No matter how fully you live your life, you know that at some unexpected moment, it could all end. It has been 11 years since my dad died, but I still ponder most days about death, how he died, and how at any moment, it could happen to me. And even after all this thinking, I still am not sure how to reconcile my fear and the inevitability of it all.