Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Daily Meditation for Tuesday:

What we know as 'life' is the analytical realization in the seriality of time of our eternal reality. - Why Lazurus Laughed by Wei Wu Wei
Time. It is about time to discuss it. What is time? How does it work? Why constrain ourselves with it? Everything that ever was and ever will be has already occurred in this very moment. This is one of the theories behind knowing and intuition. That the knowing occurs because the event has already occurred and the outcome is known. De ju vous. We have been here before. This has already happened. Of course the argument of free will and choice comes to play. Time and occurrence are really different then free will. We choose. We are guided. All that is, is to be; all that was will be. Really, we can not change it perhaps. Destiny is destiny. But then on occasion the insight arrives and we have a knowing as to what it is we are to do. We catch a glimpse of what is to be and we make a decision based upon an insight. Now the insight may be the future becoming known unto us. It could be the past experiences from which we have learned showing what has worked/not worked in the past and allows us at the present moment to act.
Our minds place things in order. Constrains the moment. Constrains our actions. The mind organizes and makes connections. Serial. One step then the next. One event then the next. Connected together by strands. The fates weaving the tapestry of our lives. For some reason I see time and movement much like a DNA strand. The double helix. A ladder going up and around. A ladder melding with the stars and the stuff of the universe. Like the Sliver Surfer riding the waves of the cosmos we are really riding the stream of time.

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