Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Daily Meditation:

The Void is not of the nature of a black abyss or a bottomless pit. Rather is its nature 'vast and expansive like space itself'. It is apprehended as 'serene, marvelous, all-pure, brilliant and all-inclusive'. Above all does it partake of the nature of light. And it is not anything. For Void is Mind Itself, and Mind Itself is Void. - Ask the Awakened by Wei Wu Wei
The void. at this time the void is like a hollow place in my stomach and heart. A vast expanse that heaves with the pain of a wound being left open. The void of the self and the knowledge that one day the void will be healed and whole again just for myself. And so we make the journey to the edge of the abyss and must take the leap of faith to jump. Standing at the precipice the light is bright and nothing else can be seen. Stepping off into darkness or stepping off into light we enter a place of faith within ourselves. Choosing in the past to take a leap of faith from the lions head...Choosing to trust in God. Choosing to walk guided by the spirit. Why then take back the walk, why recant?
The void of the universe. The void of the spirit. Filled with everything and filled with nothing. The void containing the essence of life. The void containing all of that which is impossible to define and control. The void which is understood at a base level. Knowledge of the void and its being truly innate. Like putting your hand in a flowing stream of pure crystal waters. Feeling the flow of the cool blood of the earth coursing. Knowing too that is the feeling of the spirit washing over and through every cell and fiber of being. Knowing the peace that comes from being at one. Why then is this so elusive. Why then do I not stay in that place and dwell in the comfort of the spirit all the time. why is it necessary to take back and destroy that connection? Why interrupt the flow. Building dams in the streams. Why block that which is natural and good and healing. Why accept the pain and suffering when the solution to the pain and suffering is so easy so right there so grand. One step. One baby step.

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