Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Daily Meditation:

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. - The Beatles
We each of us comes from dust and to dust we shall return. Regardless of culture, regardless of training, regardless of believe in the divine whatever occurs we come into this world and we depart from this world. Everything in-between is life and living and dying. Measure our existence in love. Create and give and grow in love. Foster love in your heart and soul and give to each a measure of love worthy of return. Is love pain? How can the love in the heart hurt so very much? Bitter. Like a strong pulled shot of double espresso that was roasted for a minute too long. Bitter.
My friend Ed lost his father this morning. They were all together on the Cape for a visit. Being an old man where better a place could one want to go and die. If you would please lift up Ed and his family today in your prayers. Greatness is not so much in deed. Father and son reconciled before death. Forgiveness on both parts.
Once in a dream, remember I do not know my dreams often. I saw a place a place of bright white lights streaming through darkness, traveling in space it seems. Coming together and coalescing. Great comfort in knowing this too was in that we are all one bound in a fabric of light. We all each of us has within a divine spark. Bright light within that shines forth. Let your light shine through your eyes, the windows to your soul.
Wondering. A day of wondering. Thought just now of suffering. The nature of suffering. The theory states that energy can not be created or destroyed. There is suffering in the world. the world has all the suffering it will ever have. We accept and take on the suffering of the world. In taking on the suffering, we alleviate and lessen the suffering of another. The law of the conservation of energy also states that energy can change forms. Therefore it seems that suffering can be transmuted into love and love into suffering.
Keep the peace of the divine in your heart today. Share it with all to whom you come in contact. Know the peace of happiness and joy and love.

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