Thursday, October 05, 2006

Daily Meditation:

Past and Future are a duality of which Present is the reality. The now-moment alone is eternal and real. - Why Lazurus Laughed by Wei Wu Wei
The now. Current. The past is not real, the future is not real only this moment and it is eternal. The future is what gets me. It is the gig. What is to come about? What future pain will be endured? What pleasure will come? How is it possible? Living in the present looking always to the future state of what might be and lost then is the moment. Just so with the past. It is past. Gone. Hardly a memory as not much is remembered any longer. But the haunting of the past. Those incidences that return to mind and consume. The past as a specter of doom. Consumed by a thousand forms of fear. Current - Interesting. The river is the current. The stream from the spirit is also the current. Current, right now this moment. The same river twice because when we step out of the river we are stepping out of the current and into either the past or future. River current sweeping us along and carrying us to a destination of love. Let yourself go to be consumed and wrapped up in the current moment the stream of universe. Drifting in the current with faith.
Grace. I want to speak on grace. It for now is the word that resounds within my mind and speech. Walk in beauty and grace. Act with grace. Each movement we make filled with grace. The Grace of the spirit fills us and permeates our being. The grace. Tell me about grace. When action contains grace there is no self. "Full of hope, full of grace is the human race." I do hope there is more on grace to follow.

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