Monday, October 16, 2006

Daily Meditation:

The online quote was not too good so I'll wing it.
On Possibilities - Life set forth on a path. Wandering through. Stopping now again to take in the wonders. Diverting now and again. Our old friend Cricket was fond of taking the scenic route as it were.
In walking through life picture walking backward. All of life we know and have experienced we can see. We are walking backward into the future because we can not see the future but on occasion we glance over our shoulders to gain of glimpse of what is to come. In walking backwards we see our lives.
Oh yes, the possibilities. They spread before us unseen. The What If's of the multiple universe theory. The possibilities that were once not possible to pursue are now possible. All the paths that once were closed and given no consideration can be considered and are lit brightly. Looking out into the past decisions made result. Friends and family touch our lives. Events and occurrences meld and shape the journey. Talking Heads said something like, how can you know where your going if you don't know where you've been. Looking out we can see where we have been. Knowing where we are going is the difficult part. Acceptance of those things to come.
Making a decision. It effects us and all things we do and the paths we will take in the future. I figure that with prayer, knowledge, contemplation, discussion, counsel, little haste, the decisions we make are right. They are correct. It is okay to decide. The horns the left, the right or get run over by the bull.

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