Monday, October 23, 2006

Daily Meditation...

Thinking now on many things. The daily meditation online refers to practice of any principles leads to a place of understanding. I know this is true it is in practice that we develop relationships. without doing relationships are strained. Action must be taken at least on occasion to maintain a contact or not. That is when we do not actively make contact with the spirit it is easier and easier to not make contact. In not making contact it is easier and easier to not act. Slowly we forget to make contact and just let it linger by the wayside and then we begin to wither spiritually and we are not even aware we are not in contact any longer.
Comparison today is like that of stripping varnish and layers off furniture. I am thinking that all the feelings, all the emotions, all the thoughts, all the actions, all the results build up over time. Painting in colors and clears. Layering the events of our lives upon our psyche. Sixth grade break-ups, Senior prom, college, life, love, leaving, pain, fears, joy all our events adding up. Creating a work of art and beauty, creating us as we are today and who we will become. Each contact a new layer, each experience even creating a new color. Sometimes the surface cracks and weathers and we cover over the cracks and chips not taking the time to fill them with putty and heal them with loving care.
Thinking now it may be time to begin stripping off those layers. Strip the experiences not from memory and time and who we are but strip them from our psyche. Strip them in order to approach a new beginning. Strip to the bare wood of our souls and begin fresh within ourselves. Time and care to remove the preconceived, to remove the pain, to remove the prejudice, to remove those things which hold us back.
*Reminding me now... In love, in a relationship - do you give all of yourself? Do you give all of yourself and more? If you give all of yourself and more, what is the more and from where does it come? (discuss...)*
Wondering what the bare wood of my soul will even look like. Wondering if this metaphor (analogy?) is even appropriate or apt for this situation. Wondering. I am adding new layers before I have even cleaned up the last. Maybe in adding these layers I am healing also those from the past.

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