Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Daily Meditation:

Live your life in happiness, owning nothing. Feed on happiness like lustrous gods. Be Happiness Itself. (Happiness, v200)
When we possess things are we gaining happiness? When we buy it feels good. I earned money, I worked diligently, I am worthy. I am entitled to buy something nice for myself, something I desire. Just as easy as it comes it also goes. I do have a beautiful new shirt hanging in my closet. It was worth the investment. It is a very handsome shirt. What did I give up for that shirt? What did I give up this morning and every morning for the past few years for that morning cuppa joe? What did I gain? On the morning cup of coffee there is more then coffee. It is conversation, friendships, connections. With the beautiful shirt there is self esteem in looking good, confidence in who I am. Now why should a shirt impart those things to the wearer, besides the fact of being a magic shirt woven by the handmaidens of Merlin.
Oh yes, and so. It once would be the monks would own nothing. Pursuit of the higher. Pursuit of the relationship with the spirit was the only thing. The monk would take his bowl and stand, if it were filled with rice by passers by he would eat. If it were empty he would not eat.
Looking on this day. Happiness is from within. Delving within. go past the pain. go past the fear. go past the daily. go past self. go past preconceived notions. go past the material. go past the constraints. go past lessons of the past. go past the (what are those things given to us by others?) those things. go past the ego. go past the instincts. go past the core. Sit with the one.
Feed on happiness. What was the most delicious meal to which you have sat to dine upon? Remember that feeling of pleasure? Pure goodness lain before us as bountiful feast. The food, the company, the smells, the sounds, the presence of spirit permeating the space. A higher place. Devouring happiness. consuming happiness to nurture the body and soul as good food also does. feast upon the marrow of life. The marrow. sucking the marrow from the bones. It is decadent. It is a flavor unlike any other. It is pure and good. It fills and body and soul. I long for that once again. I long for the purity. The connection. The comfort. The one.

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