Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Daily Meditation:

On the phenomenal plane we seek pleasure and the avoidance of pain. On the noumenal plane we know the absence of both - which is Bliss. - Why Lazurus Laughed by Wei Wu Wei
Phenomenal and Noumenal. Best I can tell is this is the physical and the spiritual. Existence in the physical world leads to living in that world and the seeking of. We seek out that which brings us pleasure. We seek out that which brings us pain. There is imbalance in seeking pleasure. It feels good. We want to repeat that feeling. Feeling good all the time. Seeking to repeat to hold onto that feeling. Seeking to remain in that start of feeling good. In avoiding pain we gain pleasure. But it seems that pain somehow feels good. Reminds us we are alive. The pain is like a touchstone. It is a way to keep in check too much feel good. Why do I seek out pain? why do I continue to put myself into situations where the outcome is only going to be painful. Growth comes from pain. The greatest touchstone to spiritual progress is pain. So that pleasure and pain, the human condition is based upon the mingling to the two. If only pleasure were sought. If only pain were sought. How can we eliminate the pain in our lives? How can we only nurture the positive and the caring and the love?
So on the noumenal we are freed from the seeking of either or both. We are no longer concerned by the way of the world and the pleasure/pain it brings about. It is this evolution to a higher state in that way that allows us to be free from the constraints of the world. It is in this freedom we long to stay.

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