Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daily Meditation:

There is none dwelling in the house but God. When a man is awakened he melts and perishes. - Jalaluddin Rumi
Rumi is a really interested fellow. When I was on the road there was a group of folks at dead shows called the Spinners. Joseph was their "leader" and there was a structure and hierarchy to a group with no structure. They made patchwork dresses and sold them for cash and would travel to Guatemala twice a year for cloth and what not. I kicked around with them in Berkeley for a while. They had some land donated to the tribe in Philo CA. Stephen "earth dog" Temple took me up there in the summer of 91. It was a great place. Communal, they had a great room and a really nice temple. We would wake in the mornings and go to temple. We would great the day with chanting and then spinning. It was a nice time there in Philo. I could have stayed I think. The spinner took aspects of many religions and combined them into something of their own. It was a sort of blend of Rastafari, Krishna (Hindi), Sufism (thus the spinning in the nature of the Whirling Dervish), Deadheadism, some animism, and Christian influence as well. So the influence of Rumi was great in this sect of mad spinners from the dead tours. They had priests and prophets. I have not heard anything as of late about them. Come and go and touch our lives and leave impressions upon our souls.
When man awakens. We become one with the spirit. The spirit moves through us and in us and we are one with the spirit. The constraints of who we are dissipate and we are whole. maintaining that state of being seems to be the difficult part. Looking forward to a time of peace within. I think that when everything settles out all will be well in the world. I know this is not really true. Life continues and the struggles go on but there is a lessening of pressure. I am ready to have things completed. Ready to move forward. Seemingly stuck. Wonder still where it is I am supposed to be and do. It is like a massive alteration in life and what is to be.
letting go of the self. Like the pebble letting go of the bottom of the stream. letting go to float up and be taken by the current. remove the self and let the spirit carry us to where it is we are to be. Letting go and flowing on. forward, sometimes caught up in a whirlpool circling for a while to be tossed out and back into the flow. Ron said last night if you are coasting in this life then you are going downhill. I just think I am ready for direction and completion. Obviously not or I would be complete and where it is I need to be. And so it is when I am ready. The place is ready. The time is ready. All of those things ready. It will be to where it needs to be.
I guess it begs the question. What is it I want? And still I can not answer that question. I have ideas. I have notions. but I do not really know what it is I want. I see aspects of what I want in many things and yet the just perfect direction is not clear. If what I want has everything that goes along with it makes the change. I know I was somethings that I can not have. I know I want and desire and those will never be fulfilled.
Do they say to just give up looking. Stop seeking. It is then it will arrive? That is difficult to do. Certainly give up the need, give up holding on, give up the dream? If we give up the dream what then do we have?
Time to move on...

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