Saturday, June 24, 2006

heca tu welo

Well, It is the way that it is.
Three weeks ago or so I got home and Angela said the relationship is over. She is simply done. Finished. She asked me to leave. Since Thanksgiving of 1992.
I have the RV and have been sleeping in it on the driveway. I am able to go in and use the house for my needs but spend most of my days in the glass studio or driving around.
She asked me today to leave the driveway. I am heading I think to the Lake Arcadia for a while. I suppose I will need to find a place to stay. I have had many good people let me know I could stay with them if needed. Many thanks to you all blessed people.
I am not sure how everything will turn out. I suppose time will tell. I believe that she wants to stay in the house at this point. However I would like too as well. The studio in the barn is in question and I will need to figure something out there.
Today I am real empty. I think the hurt has caught up with me today. Heavy. Miserable. And then sometimes I am just real okay. Everything is just right and just as it is supposed to me. The faith that this is the will of a higher power and I remember to pray for the loving grace of god in our lives. Then peace is allowed to come in.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What Next

I am sitting, waiting. wondering what next. I am up in my head and right now it does not seem to be the best place to visit. I suppose I have to take action of some kind I am simply fearful as to what it is I am supposed to do next. Living on the driveway in the RV is not bad but it really is not good either.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

St. Louis

IF you get the chance go visit St. Louis. The City Museum has a huge playground for adults and kids too. It is so very cool. It is fairly close to OKC about nine hours with stops. Very worth an extended weekend getaway.
The glass conference was great. Check my blog for details as they emerge.