Friday, August 25, 2006

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daily meditation

The true holy person who follows their practice and the words of the Buddha, who applies that teaching to their everyday life, will light up the world with their beauty.
I get the daily meditation from a Buddhist website It is interesting. I know little about Buddhism Right action, right thought, right livelihood, right... it is doing the right thing in all aspects of our lives. reminders producing within us a desire to achieve something more something greater for the whole of the community. When put into practice this way of being does elevate an individual to assist them in their reaction to the world around us. It is really very powerful to stop a negative saying in my mind and replace it with something beautiful. When those thoughts come in that are destructive to my psyche I am learning to turn them off or around. Still I am stuck a lot in the future what ifs... Those are the thoughts that drift in and effect me and make moving forward a difficult task. Needs and wants. Those things I want and desire but some of those things are in fact linked to a destructive force. I have to be willing to sacrifice the immediate desire in order to do the right thing, The glory that will come through that sacrifice has the potential to be much better then ever imagined, or not.
I think of enlightenment some. That time and place of being when an individual is just plugged into the universe and exists in the light. I read somewhere that enlightenment can come and go. That once enlightened someone can then be not again. Every once in a while it is like a glimpse of what is possible occurs and then the reality of the self and the ego comes back in and overshadows the moments. Light and shadows, interesting metaphor for the day. Bask in the light on this fine day. let it shine upon your flesh and absorb the healing nature to your core.

yesterdays meditation

Here is the daily meditation.
What do you have to do? Pack your bags, Go to the station without them, Catch the train, And leave your self behind. - Open Secret by Wei Wu Wei

I am thinking. The bags I pack are all those things to which I hold onto and which hold me back. The past injustices, the present problems, and the future fears. I put them all in a place of no worry to work through if needed not forgetting them but... (interruption of the morning, train of thought lost). The baggage as it were we carry around. dragging. Drop the Rock as some would say. Leave those things behind that which we no longer need. We can let those things go, it is up to us if we want to pick them up again. To make it to the station without them requires self examination and the release of self loathing, release also of the ego. The two may be connected self loathing and ego. my ego is fragile and bruised not because of anything other then my choice of how I react to situations and others and myself.
When the train comes by I must be ready to catch it. If I still have all of that baggage, all of those fears and pains I really will not be able to ride into the future as my authentic self. I will be riding to the same destinations I have been at before unable to really continue down the line to a new and brighter happy destiny. Those things in the past and fears of the future will prevent the growth needed to get to another place. Can I ride that train as well without the need and want to get off and stop and wait? Can I focus on the beauty of the journey instead of the hope of the destination. I can. Thinking now. I need to eliminate the word try again. "There is do and there is do not, there is no try." - Yoda
The self. (interruption again...) leaving the self behind. Going out into the world on a grand adventure. Going out and explore who it is I am to become. No ego, no fear, no worries, alone yet not alone at all. Alone - why does that scare me so? Alone. Not alone in that I have friends, good friends who touch my life and hold my hand when needed. Not alone in I could have a lover, but alone in that I do not have a lover. This I need to explore I think. I look to the other to make me whole. When the other does not fulfill this in me I am not complete. I know that I do not need another to complete me and that I am whole and complete but then again think if only I had a warm body to lay against at night, If I had a companion to grace my journey. But would my journey change with the presence of another and can that other and myself journey together as one but two walk our own paths? Interesting here in that I think somehow my reasoning is flawed. something just slightly out of balance and kilter with this process. But I digress...I have been thinking that to be like the one they call Cain I would have to go out into the world in remote lands and places not known. I can be like Cain and walk my daily walk right here and now. Reminded of ...(interruption) It was profound but now it is gone.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daily Mediation

I am trying to write a bit more. I am going to try to use a daily meditation to inspire me. I am not sure how much I should post up here as it could get a little thick in the philosophical mud and emotional slime of my mind. Let me know what you think.

Monday, August 21, 2006


There is nothing like a fresh cup of joe in the morning. I had a hazelnut latte to start the day. Many thanks to my friend for picking it up too. What a delight.
It has been an interesting journey the past few weeks. I am learning a lot and trying to remain in the light. Many thanks to all of those who have helped me out as of late.
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