Friday, September 01, 2006

Daily Meditation - Sept. One

And just as men depend upon A boat for traversing the sea, So does the mental body need The matter-body for occurrence. And as the boat depends upon The men for traversing the sea, So does the matter-body need The mental body for occurrence. Depending each upon the other The boat and men go on the sea. And so do mind and matter both Depend the one upon the other. 'Visuddhimagga' (XVIII, 36)
Reading today the Visuddhimagga is the Path of Purity. Straitforward and simple. There is a place we need to get, to achieve. We must take a path to get there. The boat as a vessel. Man inside the vessel on his journey. The body as a vessel and the mind inside. just as man controls to boat, the boat is also controlled by the sea, the waves, the movement, the moon and tides; and so it goes the mind controls the body controlled by lies, faith, knowledge, feelings, and others. That is to say our minds need to be cleansed.
Speaking of cognitive restructuring. The situation leads to a thought, the thought leads to a feeling, with that it is necessary to examine the evidence both supporting or destroying the thought, change can then occur. The evidence. That is the boat is it not? The evidence is outside my head. the physical proof needed to disway the lies. In my head, in my head. The thought is trapped and rolls around and grows and looms and is buried and the seeds were planted. There in my mind the thought does not escape. it is like a tarreium where the plants grow and grow and the soil is fertile and the moisture good, and the dark. Contained. On occasion those thoughts of negativity will effect others but for the most part just effecting me. Well it is not true it does not effect others. My negativity toward myself does in fact reflect me in others and colors the relationship. Switching metaphors does not help. So the mind in the boat of the body. The water has come up over the edge and spilled into the baot. The feet get wet. a coffee can is needed to scoop out the waters. Restructure the thoughts and the feelings and grow once again. That water of long ago has become stagnate. It must be removed and fresh clean water can flow in and take the place to old. Change.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Daily Mediation

Detachment is a state, it is not a totalisation of achieved indifferences. - Fingers Pointing Toward the Moon by Wei Wu Wei
I looked up Totalisation not being familar with the word. "Totality and Totalisation are concepts used by Georg Luk√°cs and Jean-Paul Sartre to refer to the objective and subjective processes whereby an entity, composed of a multiplicity of parts, constitutes itself as a totality or thing — either a thing-in-itself or a thing-for-itself. Sartre uses the example, in the first instance, of a painting, which is made as a thing (or totality) by a single act of the imagination, which makes all the bits of paint, etc., exist as a single painting. As soon as it ceases to be looked at and maintained as a single thing, it ceases to be a totality."
In reading the statement for the first time I did not absorb it. It is easy to be detached from something or someone. Just simply stop careing. Sever the cords. Yes, indefference. No matter what happens either way just simply stop. In giving up caring about these things, these outcomes it would seem like a state is achieved of detachment and in essence that has been achieved. But yet that is not detachment. It is simply not having a stake in what goes on in our lives and the world around us. That is the lonely and difficult place. For indeed we limited our connections and communications and communion with others thinking it would lead/take us to a place of nirvana or bliss. Without those attachments then certainly life would be much easier to take. What a paradox.
Detachement may be something totally different. We must care, we must love, we must commune. In being, in living we must commit ourselves to take an active role in our lives and the actions, thoughts, feelings, and words we produce. We must be ready to let things come and go follow the ebb and flow of the universe and in that sense not hold onto. Detached through love not through indeference. Detached through peace not due to anger. I like this one.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Todays Meditation

Today's Meditation:
If there is only empty space, with no suns nor planets in it, then space loses its substantiality. -Buddha
I read this and wondered what was known about space and planets and whatnot at the time of the Buddha. Interesting. But then I thought about the empty spaces inside. Those spaces in the heart and the mind. Spaces left empty thru losses. Those places in our souls which were ripped out and open wounds formed scars around the edges never truly mending. Those spaces are the ones then filled with things of destruction and simple grew or were not allowed to lose their shape and vastness. So then the suns and planets are the things which filled those spaces. Pick a poison, an emotion, an event that substituted out our pain. And then change occurs. We begin to know that in order to grow. In order to heal. In order to become who it is we are to be we had to be released from those suns and planets of our destruction and open those wounds. We had to debris the wounds through talking with others, through introspection, through communion with the nature of the universe. Like washing with sterile waters we pour out the contents of our souls and washed clean those spaces and then begin to close, to knit, and to heal. Those spaces have lost their substantiality once we have removed those blocks of growth.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today's Meditation

Todays Meditation :
Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes. - Buddha
You know of endurance perhaps better then others. Pick a point, stay the course. Journey of 1000 miles and the start with a single step. It does no go if we do not take that first step. Ed Foisey would say the end is just around the next bend. Around that bend was another and the end would be just beyond that bend, and the next. Maybe it is the pursuit. the movement the going forward and sliding backward and going forward. it is in the backward movement that we also see where we have been and hopefully become willing to move forward out of that place. That is to say. We are moving forward and then we don't. If we are standing still they say we are really sliding backward. There is nothing wrong with this. If however we slide backward and pick up speed our feet often come out from under us and we spill out and crash and burn. Getting up and truding forward again that road to happy destiny. So yes, that is it again.

Driving along the road in South Dakota the water washes the ground. There is an old road that is washed out, next to it the old center is the left wheel lane, a huge wash out, and then the right wheel lane. Bouncing and speeding and running forward just a simple twist a over compensation and wham the truck hits high center. Dead stop. no movement. No backward, no forward except for the momentum of the thrust of the stop. Dead Center once again. A great place, steady movement forward to the goal and then nothing. The world does not stop just my progress in the world. Always carry the right tools for the job. Two by fours, plywood, shovel, handyman jack, tow line, come-along, dig our way out and over the high center mark. Move forward once again. Slow and steady wins the race and at my current pace of no movement forward for many years I am so far behind I am in the lead.

Monday, August 28, 2006 This guy is good. I hope to watch him play at the Blue Moon on Paseo.

Daily mediation for monday

Today's Meditation: On hearing the Teachings, the wise become perfectly purified, like a lake: deep, clear, and still. - Buddha
The world has been blessed with great teachers. Teachers who bring us a message or knowledge or feelings, teachers who give of themselves and what they are. Teachers in need of students to hear, and feel and then in turn pass on that which they are learning. We all know when we hear the truth. the truth may even change, the truth that is today may not be the truth we know tomorrow just as yesterday our truths may now seem small, small may not be the right word for it but distant was not the word either.
Water and the metaphor of water. The lake. for some reason the Lady of the Lake came into mind. The delieverer of the sword of Avalon to Arthur - king of the brittons - Dialogue from Monte Python ensues in my head... The water as a way of being. phases and stages and the seasons of our lives as a lake. Thinking of the lakes of our lives in the past and experiences in and on the shores of those lakes. How does that shape of lives and thoughts for today? Deep, clear and still.
Dead center. When stopped on center there is not really progression. No real change because there is no movement. Even in still ness there is movement. the surface may not show a ripple but the water beneath is moving and flowing and alive. When we hear those truths and take them into our lives and begin to live as people who practice a way of being based on truth and love and peace the reflection we see in the waters is that way as well. Our reflections to others is like that lake. tho movement and change and activity and whatnot that occurs within still generates on the outside a peaceful image. When those emotions and fears and feelings that rise up and are shown on the outside and those fears are expressed it is of great comfort to speak with another and face the fears, to speak of god to release and walk us thru those feelings, to seek cousel of others who have walked where we are walking and getting through. Great comfort is taken in that we are not alone.