Thursday, October 12, 2006

Daily Meditation:

Let us live gladly! Quite certainly we are free to do it. Perhaps it is our only freedom, but ours it is, and it is only phenomenally a freedom. 'Living free' is being 'as one is'. Can we not do it now? Indeed can we not-do-it? It is not even a 'doing': it is beyond doing and not-doing. It is being as-we-are. This is the only 'practice'. 'All Else is Bondage; Non-Volitional Living' - Wei Wu Wei
I do enjoy a repetition on the meditation inspiration. It reminds me. Live Gladly. Be happy. "Don't worry, every little thing's gonna be alright." There is almost too much information in that short meditation.
Free to be, free to be you and me. That was an old poem I think. Being as one is. Being the true self, the authentic self.
Discourse on Wants and Needs.
"you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need."
How does one know that what is wanted is really needed. That is if we ask for something we want how do we know that is in line with what the universe has planned for us and if it is really what is needed in our lives. I know what I want, what I desire. I do not know if it is what is supposed to be. It is just wait and see. Do the work necessary to be prepared and when the time comes simply be open to do the will of the creator. Must be willing.
In getting ready to go to South Dakota I am not real writty. today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Biomes Blog

Biomes Blog

Daily Mediation for Wednesday:

While the Tathagata, in his teaching, constantly makes use of conceptions and ideas about them, disciples should keep in mind the unreality of all such conceptions and ideas. They should recall that the Tathagata, in making use of them in explaining the Dharma always uses them in the semblance of a raft that is of use only to cross a river. As the raft is of no further use after the river is crossed, it should be discarded. So these arbitrary conceptions of things and about things should be wholly given up as one attains enlightenment. -Buddha
Looking up the Tathagata it seems to be a state of the Buddha referring to himself in that which was been written. That is, he speaks presently upon past teachings and must refer to himself as giving those teachings as another person. Methinks the person he is today is not who he was yesterday and the teachings from today are different then the teachings of yesterday and the change in both the man and the teachings is reflected as different entities. Thus it is not a static message but ever evolving and growing.
There are things that take us there. To that place of knowing and knowledge and wisdom and enlightenment. It is when we cling onto those things those tools that we get caught up in something other then the enlightenment. The tools are the means not the ends and must be released. Holding on we are not able to "fully concede to our innermost selves". It is in the letting go we are free. Throughout time men are giving words as guidance, sign posts to follow along the way leading along the path to a way of being higher then that known before. Do not gather up the sign posts and strap them to your shoulders to carry along with the journey. Weighted down with what will become constraints we become tired and worn from a journey that should be light and free. The words become weights instead of feathers. Take the words as feathers and put them together to create wings. Use the wings of enlightenment to lift us up to the heavens. Oh yes, "The Zen Cat meditates knowingly, that there are also feathers on the word enlightenment."
I think this is key today. Thinking of self as a conduit. a hollow bone, a bridge-keeper. Helping peoples to the other side along journeys of knowledge. Strange then that being on one side of the bridge perhaps myself not having crossed but showing the way. The coffee cup of wisdom said today "Everyday is a leap of faith". It is the leap that allows us to cross. The journey begins with single step and that first step is really a leap of faith. Go forth into the world on this fine day and leap and bound in faith and love. Leap into the hearts of those you touch. Leap and fly upon your new found wings!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Daily Meditation for Tuesday:

The worst taint is ignorance. Destroy this one taint and become taintless. - Buddha
Indeed. Bliss perhaps. They tell us ignorance is bliss in order to pacify the masses. Ignorance of the law does not make breaking the law acceptable. Oh yes, what is a taint. It calls to mind a kind of surface paint or stain. A dark layer that coats the psyche. Ignorance is the stain put upon the bare wood of the soul. Time for some stripper. If I were a woodworker instead of a glassblower I am sure I would be able to continue the analogy without any trouble, as it is I am ignorant in the ways of wood.
That was funny.
Enlighten the mind. Read. Listen. Meditate. Pray. Seek. Act. There is no try. How to dispel ignorance? Think. Do. Who was it that said knowing that one does not know is really more important then knowing?
Keep up the good works.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Daily Meditation for Monday:

In this world the wise one holds onto confidence and wisdom. Those are the greatest treasures; all other riches are pushed aside. - Buddha
The material world is necessary. Food, clothing, shelter allow us to move up in the Bloom's Taxonomy. Taking care of the base needs for survival we are able to grow and change and evolve. The material world provides for us those necessities and also provides a desire for more. In our culture the pursuit of more is overpowering casting a shadow upon most of everything. More, bigger, better, never enough. There is always more. There comes a time when all of that is no longer the pursuit. Granted we still need and desire and want to live a live that is full and comfortable. Not many want to be out on the streets wanting for their rice bowl to filled by the comfort of strangers.
The wise holds onto wisdom. interesting. Confidence and wisdom. To know confidence. To know we are each capable of becoming what is desired. Confidence in who we are and where we are going and confidence in our relationships with ourselves, our families, our friends, our mentors, and the universal spirit. Confidence and faith seem to go hand and hand. Confidence and faith are connected in that confidence is a faith within ourselves and faith is a confidence in that higher power. Confidence in our actions and thoughts seems to gain strength and comfort when that faith in the spirit is nurtured and sought. Confidence in the self without the ego involved. The conceit and narcissism that comes from a confidence in the self that is not tempered with the faith. Lines are parallel and the results are similar but the lives touched and the impact of the actions are so much different when one glorifies the self and one glorifies the spirit of the universe.
The riches of the world are a glossy coating. Like a photograph that has lost its shine and luster over time the gathering of things around us does not keep us satisfied. The objects of desire on this day do not last. They fulfill us but for a moment. The desire is filled and then another object is sought to fill a desire. Maybe the desire that is sought is not for objects and things but is translated poorly in our minds and actions and the desire is really something needed to be connected to ourselves and others and spirit. It is perhaps a transference. Desire leads to suffering. Cessation of the desire.
Wisdom. Impossible to speak intelligently on wisdom when one has none. Wisdom of the ages and of the sages. Wisdom comes also from that faith that devotion. Wisdom to know the difference. Courage to change. again it is all about faith and confidence. I never really considered confidence in this light before. I think I am liking the new definition and outlook. Always before confidence was something I did not know I had. Lacking it not in the extreme but lacking it to a degree. No more.