Tuesday, January 23, 2007

16 Lessons

I have been thinking about the 16 lessons. Today in the shower it really struck me. These lessons we are to learn as we walk through this life. It is said that each of us has our lessons to learn. As we walk along our path a lesson will appear before us much like a stone in the path. We pick up the stone, examine it, see it, absorb it into our beings. It is still a stone. We can drop that stone and learn from it or we can carry it around with us or we can cast that stone so we come across it again in the future. Thus sometimes we come to that same lesson over and over in our lives until we learn what it is we need from that lesson and can move on to the next.
It is said there are 16 lessons. Four lessons in each of the four directions. In each of the four stages of life. So there are really 64 lessons. More on this and the walking to come.

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Amanda Joy said...

rLast night I went back to a song about rocks I haven't been able to finish (I played it alone at the end of band practice)and it is right along the same lines as your shower revelation... kismit!