Friday, January 05, 2007

Daily meditation:

The true holy person who follows their practice and the words of the Buddha, who applies that teaching to their everyday life, will light up the world with their beauty. (The Holy Person, v381-382)
Their practice is key. Each of us separate and alone make up the belief that is each of us and the universe. The universal one is that which is each of us. Every one has a singular belief. Many share an idea of God. They attend the same services, the listen to the same teachers, they follow prescribed rituals. These things on the outside give the illusion of belief in the same higher power and yet individually there is only one true god. That one true god is yours and yours alone. When you practice your faith and your beliefs the world is aware. You shine from within and the reflection of that relationship is the loving force drawing in. Look now not to others but to the self to assure your relationship with your guiding force of the spirit.

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