Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Daily Meditation:

Just come to see that everything is passing on,
That nothing in your mind remains
The same for even the span of a breath.
If you see like that for even a moment,
Then for that moment you are free. - Ji Aoi Isshi
So the mind is like the river. Constant flow. Thoughts come and go like the water. Pebbles and stones in our mind cause ripples and waves. Events in our lives, memories, pleasures and pains. Each of these coming together to create a sounds in our lives. The stony brook ripples. The might river deafening. Even for a moment and the moments gone.
Can I settle my mind for just a moment. Breathe deep and let the flow wash over and not think. Just be. Breathe. School may not be the best place to detach, breathe, close my eyes and drift. It looks like I have fallen asleep at the desk. They mind wanders and drifts. Circles round and the black before my eyes is shut out with bright white light.

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