Sunday, January 21, 2007


Well, on waking today the drift of dreams and sleep was strong. memories return. Dreams have returned. Vague dreams but they are here again.
Wandering through my mind. The question. Thank you for bringing it forth again.
Would you rather have loved and lost then never have loved at all?
Lost love and the learning and growth. Loving completely in that moment. loving completely and not being aware of the loss. Waking up to the loss of love. Would rather not go through that again. But the loving is worth every moment. The life gained so wonderful.

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the 13th apostol said...

In a story I plagiarized some years back, retelling of an unclothed Dead Head. His mushroom happy feet levitating off the ground, assisted by two, uniformed and righteous...

I let my version end differently than the archetype, yielding for fears, failings, and foibles.

We never know what people remember...and what they choose to forget.