Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Daily Mediation:

The triple world with its irritating vexations is like a house afire; who could bear to stay there long, willingly suffering perpetual torment? If you want to avoid going round and round in circles, nothing compares to seeking Buddhahood. If you want to seek Buddhahood, Buddha is mind. Need mind be sought afar?- Master Chinul (1158-1210)
I was interested in this triple world and found this: (

There is a saying: "The triple world is but one Mind." Outside the Mind there is no reality; Mind, Buddha, all sentient creatures-there three are not different. The "triple world" here means the material world, the world of sensuous desire and the formless, immaterial, spiritual world. Whatever the case, from the Zen point of view, there is noting but Mind. Blue mountain is Mind, floating white cloud is also Mind. Only one Mind.

Excerpt from ’Zen Word Zen Calligraphy,’ by
Eido Shimano Roshi and Kogetsu Tani Roshi
Reprinted with Very Kind Permission

I had not heard the term triple world before. It is an interesting concept. I have the feeling that in seeking the things of the material world we continually put ourselves into a path that causes us pain and suffering. Sure there is also not pain and not suffering but in seeking the one mind. A higher state of being a place with no attachment, with no desire then we transcend the pain brought about by the ego and the self. All things we see, all things we do, all things we are; these are really all one in the same and have simply to be accepted and grown upon. Let each of these be what they are and incorporate them or not into our lives and living.

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