Friday, February 09, 2007

Daily Meditation:

“What do you mean by the true Buddha,
The true Dharma and the true Way?
Would you be good enough to explain to us?”
The Master said,
“Buddha-this is the cleanness
And purity of the mind.
The Dharma-this is the shining
Brightness of the mind.
The Way–this is the light
That is never obstructed anywhere.
The three are in fact one.
All are empty names and
Have no true reality.”
- Lin-chi (d.867)
Cleanness, purity, brightness and light. Do not hide your light under a bushel. Let it be seen by all. In shining your light others grow brighter as well. The shining of the light is contingent upon these other things it seems. When the mind is clear. Without fear, without anger, without obsession, without destructive natures the purity of mind the cleanness of thought allow for light to be reflected in all the dark corners exposing those things that hide in our darkest places.
This has been in interesting time. Learning about the self. Exposing dark places with light. Allowing a glimpse, an look, a understanding, a lesson, a resolution to occur. It is the nature to stop. To see this thing of defect and pass it by. To ignore it and hope it will go away. To paint another layer of lacquer upon it. Cover over to make it pretty again on the surface and yet it is still seething and ugly underneath only to come again in the future.
Working through resolution. Walking with this thing. Holding it. Knowing it. Letting it wither in the light and the breathe of air. Let it free of the bonds it keeps us in.

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