Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Daily Meditation:

Starbucks #193 - Let's imagine a 21st century America where families, friends, and neighbors gather together at the end of each day in parks and town squares and on street corners and porches, to tell stories and jokes, to sing and dance with wild abandon! I can see and hear it now... - Dan Zanes
Starbucks in the mornings is really a good way to start the day. Now I do miss my old Coyote Coffee shop. Daily stops on the morning commute. The inspiration from a cup of coffee. The coffee brings inspiration and the writing on the cup does as well. I wonder if there is a magic 8-ball in the shape of a coffee cup from Starbucks.
We have lost a lot of the community aspects. Fear perhaps. Televisions perhaps. Work. Life. To much to do. Not enough time to just be. Community centers. Parks. Malls. Havens for seedy things. People can take them back. People can take back their neighborhoods and their streets. People can transform communities into places of growth and outreach. Maybe this is reflected in the movement back into the city. People moving to the urban centers once again. Developing a life in the city and building relationships with each other and the place. From shopping and dining, walking, interacting, play and recreation, work there are the things that allow us a full life. Now the suburban life provides us with these opportunities too. Block off the street and have a block party. Throw on extra burgers next time at the grill and invite over a different neighbor. Have book groups. Our mobile culture allows us to travel great distance for these meet-ups. take advantage of them.

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