Friday, March 02, 2007

Daily Meditation:

In meditation keep your eyes open, not closed.
Instead of shutting out life, remain open and at peace with everything.
You leave all your senses - hearing, seeing, feeling - just open, aturally, as they are,
without grasping after their perceptions. - Sogyal Rinpoche
In meditation it seems most will close the eyes. blocking out the sensory perception and allow the hearing and touch to take over fully. When we leave the eyes open things continue to come in. We are processing and cataloguing what it is we see. In meditation when the eyes are closed it allows another part of the brain to open up. Closing out the senses we are free to allow non sensory objects into our process.
With the eyes open. We are living in the real world. Learning to meditate and to seek while open and living and active may be a key aspect. the Mediation of the quite secluded monk has reached a time of the past. Meditation today is as active and dynamic as life. So the meditation is an extension of our lives. The quite reflective is necessary too. The active dynamic also. Living both when possible may be better able to balance us in this world.

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