Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Daily Meditation:

Empty yet aware, the original light shines spontaneously; tranquil yet responsive, the great function manifests. A wooden horse neighing in the wind does not walk the steps of the present moment; a clay ox emerging from the sea plows the springtime of the eon of emptiness. Understand? Where a jade man beckons, even greater marvel is on the way back. - Hung-chih
Awareness comes slowly it seems. Not even aware most of the time. Just blundering through this life and not even paying attention to the wake. When the ego is full, when the self is obsessed it is not possible to be aware either. Consumed by the self no attention is paid to the other. No saving grace is left for the people we love and care for. The light from within, the light of the spirit shines in us and through us on these days and brightens our beings and our relationships. Living through the light and in the light we are guided to preform greater things. Blundering through the darkness of the self only base is found and fostered producing pain and suffering.
The springtime of the eon of emptiness. It is plowed in order to prepare the land for growth. The empty soil prepared and ready for growth and the things to come. Preparing. This is the spring. ready for new growth. ready for the soil of my soul to be tilled and fertilized with the spirit. Ready I hope for the seeds to be planted. Seeds of wholesome goodness and peace. Weed out the seeds of the past. Ready for the spring and the dawning of new.

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