Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Daily Meditation:

Most people are always carrying the burden of the past,
anticipating the future, while missing life in the present.
Be a person who dissolves into the present...Yeh!
Be like a boat that flows in time and space... Yeh! - Tishan

It is so very easy to carry the past. To hold onto, to wrap ourselves in like an old itchy moth eaten wool blanket that at times brings great comfort and at other times rubs and itches and is heavy filled with the water of our tears.

Looking forward and preparing we get caught up in the possibility of what might be that we forget to experience the right now and what is. Granted we must be aware of our actions and the impact they may have upon us and others in the future as we do not want to create more things to fret over once it is past. In looking solely to the future we again miss the moment. Learning how to walk. How far ahead do you look when you walk? Do you look only at your feet to make sure each step is firmly planted onto the ground?

In the moment. Following the stream of the universe again today. Right there. Nothing else. Everything else. All of time past and future wrapped into the present moment. Flow. Be like sugar in a cup of warm coffee. Dissolve and spread the sweet flavor throughout the drink. Or lump up at the bottom of the cup and save the last drink to be pure sweetness.

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