Wednesday, September 05, 2007

CallWave: Text is the New Voicemail

CallWave: Text is the New Voicemail
This is really, really, really cool. Set up a voice mail on the mobile phone. This service transcribes the voice mail. Sends a copy of the text to your email. It also plays the message on their website. So very cool. I hate to check my voice mail and now it is easy.
Give me a call. Leave me a message. I may even remember to call you back, probably not remember but will try.


Ralph said...

Callwave has some cool features but if you want a voicemail replacement Youmail
is definitely where it's at. Much the same features, free and more customizable.

Phil @ CallWave said...

Let me start out by saying that I'm a product manager at CallWave. While both CallWave and YouMail are comparable in some respects, they are different in many. They both provide a type of visual voicemail to the user, and both are free. CallWave not only provides visual voicemail, allowing you to listen to your mail in any order you want, it also can transcribe a caller's message and send both the transcription and the original audio itself to your e-mail, or you can access it on you personal PhonePage online like Andrew said. Additionally, it will send the transcription to your phone as a text message if you would like. You can respond to any message with text or voice from your mobile, e-mail, or PhonePage as well as sort, search, and save your voicemail in an online archive. CallWave also provides widgets for Apple, Google, Yahoo!, and Vista that allow you to check your messages and send text messages to any phone in the United States for free. YouMail does have a couple interesting features that CallWave does not, such as being able to personalize different messages per caller, but lacks the functionality that CallWave offers.