Monday, October 01, 2007

Morning Zen

Searching for the no mind. Getting to the place where there is no clutter. Thoughts come and go and pass through. Linger perhaps but they do not nag. There is no presistance. There is no worry. That thought of what needs to be done is addressed and dismissed to be accounted for when the time is right and all is ready to take care of that situation. That thought comes and stays and takes away focus from the now. What can be done to change it? What action is immediate to take care of it? How to make it right or different to change.
Back again to the first thought. That one first thing in my mind is usually based on fear, on threat, on something unfounded. Changing thought to make it different. To make it right. To think next on the positive and how to make the outcome with the nature of the universe.

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