Friday, November 02, 2007

Coffee Musings

Breaking the fast.
Sipping with warm sweet goodness of a hazelnut latte I wonder. Why is it that when deprived of something that is desired it is so heavenly when returned too? Why deprive the self anyways? Granted I know I can not afford to put down $4 every morning for a coffee drink. Which leads to another at 3:30 and another at 11:00 pm. So potentially we are looking at $10 a day for coffee. Not just coffee but gourmet really good coffee. So I save some money and life is not as flavorful and I am denying myself a desire. Why no chocolate. This is the season of candy, soon into the season of pie. I have a freezer full of half eaten half gallon tubs of ice cream. Temptation staring me in the face daily. What resolve is there to not climb in the freezer with those tubs and swim in the ooie goodness? Why deprive the self?

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m said...

and as you said, how sweet that hazelnut latte tastes after not having it. there is your answer right there. and look at children today who have been given everything...never spanked. they are a pretty sorry lot, don't you think? as for the ice cream, throw that stuff away, kick temptation's butt, Boatman. You are far more powerful than the ice cream, except for maybe Cherry Garcia...